Using Ozone Web to SMS for Marketing is extremely simple. It’s so simple that you can send a text message to thousands of people in a matter of minutes. All you need is a list of numbers for your mail-shot, the message you wish to send out and click send. Use any Internet browser in your office. No Hardware, No Software, No Bills, No Headache.

1. From Field
Choose either your Company name, Brand name or Mobile number. (Up to 11 characters)


2. Credit Field
Displays your remaining credit. Top this up when it gets too low.


3. Choose File Field
Click here to select a file with all your contact numbers.




4. Message Field
Type your message here in plain text.



5. Characters left field
Remaining characters are displayed here. Select your text wisely. The maximum SMS size is 160 Characters.

6. Cost Check Field
Check the cost of your mail-shot before you send.

7. SEND Field
When your bulk SMS Marketing Campaign is typed in and ready click SEND. Within seconds your important message will be in the hands of your customers.


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